3D figurines are now available to be delivered to pet lovers worldwide!

Each and every 3D model 3D PETSHOP creates is individually crafted in Japan by professional 3D designers and is now available to be delivered to pet lovers worldwide.

Tokyo, Japan – September 03, 2016 – 3D PETSHOP Inc. today announced the new worldwide availability of its 3D printing services for the company’s unique 3D pet figurines. 3D PETSHOP specializes in creating full-color 3D models of cats and dogs, crafted from a one-of-a-kind digital model and custom-made for owners and their pets.

3D printing has enjoyed recent popularity in the media, but 3D PETSHOP goes beyond the hype, using in-depth technical knowledge and expertise to design digital 3D models that result in one-of-a-kind, high-quality 3D figurines of your pets.


State-of-the-Art Craftsmanship with 3D Technology

Whole body figurines, even from a single photo

Not only can 3D PETSHOP reproduce your pet’s pose as it appears in a specific photo, but 3D PETSHOP can also create body parts that aren’t visible in the photo. For example, customers can request a specific facial expression or pose. Unlike mechanical 3D scanning, our 3D modeling process will recreate your pet’s unique personality and warmth.

The Industry’s Best Technicians

The quality of a 3D model is only as good as its designer’s technical skill. 3D PETSHOP only employs the finest Japanese 3D design technicians with the customer’s satisfaction in mind.

Superior Quality

3D PETSHOP’s 3D figurines are printed in Japan with the latest 3D printing technology. 3D PETSHOP uses the highest quality plaster to produce a 3D figurine printed in full color by our commercial 3D printers.

Pricing & Availability

3D PETSHOP’s figurines are available to order online with pricing set at $500 USD for the small size (2.4-2.7in / 6-7cm in length), $600 USD for the medium size (3.5-3.9in / 9-10cm in length), and $750 USD for the large size (4.7-5.1in / 12-13cm in length).

More information, including promotional pricing, can be found online at

*Please note that customers may be responsible for additional customs-related charges, such as import duty and brokerage fees.

About 3D PETSHOP Inc.

Founded in Tokyo, Japan, 3D PETSHOP is formed by a team of experienced 3DCG designers who are ready to create unique 3D model of your beloved pets. At 3D PETSHOP, our Japanese designers specialize solely in 3D model design, and we use a state-of-the-art 3D printing center in Japan that offers the latest 3D printing technology and world-class quality.

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